September Lippies

Fall generally sees the retiring of my ever-loved coral lipsticks (I’m already mourning you, MAC Crosswires) and the resurgence of red, plum and raspberry gems in the confines of my makeup bag. Let’s take a peek at what’s been on the menu lately, shall we?


If I’m running errands, am short on time, or don’t want to have to stop near a mirror to reapply, Fresh’s Sugar Cherry Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 is the first thing I grab. It’s a no fuss vibrant red that leaves my lips conditioned, glossy and the punch of color helps to wake up my pale skin. The fact it also doubles as a conditioning treatment and imparts my lips with SPF protection – an area of skin oft neglected by us, ladies – is just an extra bonus. Also, if red isn’t your thing but you’re intrigued, there’s a bevy of colors to pick from and some are more sheer than others .. but Cherry and I? BFFs.

MAC Ruby Woo was a recent addition to my collection this past July and for good reason – it’s a retro matte formula and anything that brings back the glamour age for me is a quick buy. However, there was a bit of a push-pull with me about it because I had swatched it in the past and was put off by how dry it felt on the skin. After some nudging from a co-worker who insisted it glides on like a dream with a protective layer of lip balm underneath, my wallet and I scuttled across the street to snatch it up and haven’t looked back since. Out of the five pictured here this one is the most high maintenance. You do need a mirror and patience but what I love about it is that it doesn’t budge when it’s on. Perfect lip for a long day or a night out when touch-ups are just an afterthought.

An old stand-by for me has always been MAC Red and for most of last year it was one of my default colors that I continuously had pocketed. It’s a blue-toned red with a satin finish so it feels comfortable on the lips just by itself without the extra leg-work of a lip balm underneath. In comparison to Ruby Woo, MAC Red is considerably deeper because of that bluer base whereas Ruby tends to pull a more vibrant, neutral tone on my complexion. This lipstick also serves as the perfect transition lip for me straight into the winter and during the holiday season.

On a completely different track is MAC Plumful which is a perfect berry toned pink with a slight fuchsia pull to it and a lustre finish. I notice that depending on what I wear on my eyes be it just a slick of liner or the full monty with shadows et al it will pull either more pink or more berry. It’s the chameleon in my MAC collection and one that I didn’t naturally gravitate toward in the display. When the artist pulled it for me to try it on two years ago I thought she was out of her mind just based on how it looked when it was twisted up but once on the lips it was a completely different story. As an extra plus in my book, the lustre formula from MAC is incredibly hydrating and I love wearing these during the workday for a lip balm feel and gloss finish.

Last on the list is NYX Raspberry, a lippie that I picked up when I went to NYC IMATS and basically invaded the NYX booth last year. It was a last-minute grab into my bin what with the lurking thought in the back of my head that I didn’t really need a new lipstick but, boy, I am so glad that I grabbed it. As part of their Black Label line I tend to find that this formula is nourishing, highly pigmented and doesn’t take a lot of effort to apply evenly and smoothly. Unfortunately I can’t find it on their website anymore so I will be devastated when I run out but it’s the perfect blend of pink and red with just the right amount of blue to pull off as a cool tone. I told myself that I would try more of these and have yet to get around to it but maybe it’s a future splurge in the works.

What shades are you loving right now?


From left to right: NYX Raspberry, MAC Plumful, MAC Red, MAC Ruby Woo, Fresh Sugar Cherry Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

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