Berries and Plums

Something about the cooler weather easily flips my blusher routine on its head, the brights going out the window and the deeper tones stealthily creeping forward to the front of the pack, similar to the way my lipsticks do a 180-degree turn as seen here.


MAC Glamour Feast – A cremeblend blush with –– in the artist’s words who applied it –– “the look of like you just came out of the cold,” this was a natural to move to the front lines. It’s one of my most recently acquired bits in my ever-extensive blusher collection but as you can see from the sizable dent already made in the center of it it is quickly becoming well-loved. At the store the artist suggested spraying some Mac Fix+ on a stippling brush to get that effortless, natural look and I love the dewy effect that it creates.

Tarte Blushing Bride – If you’re unfamiliar with the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes, they carry a claim of being fade-free and coming in at a wear time of 12-hours with no smudging or budging. They are also free of all the nasties such as parabens, mineral oil, phalates, SLS, triclosan and gluten (!!). I believe this is the first one that I ever managed to nab as it came in a holiday set from a year or two ago and I was baffled by the price of a set as a whole because it was essentially the price of one blush by itself. This is a color that looks intimidating in the pan but because it carries so much blue when it hits your cheeks it creates a natural, pinched-cheek flush. I will say that you need an incredibly light hand with these as they are super pigmented and too heavy of a swipe with your brush will end up making you look clownish.

MAC Breezy – My right wing, my left hand lady, love of my life. This was a spur of the moment purchase for me when it came to blushes as, at the time, I was primarily into baby doll pinks and anything of the “deep” variety sent me running in the other direction. But while in Nordstroms I opted to be brave and just went for the plunge and by God am I glad I did. This managed to slip to the back of my collection and when I rediscovered it a few weeks ago I don’t know how I lived without it. Breezy is certainly a blusher that looks more intimidating in the pan than it does on and while the lighting in that photo made it look quite fuchsia, it’s actually more in the cranberry shade family with pink undertones. It partners beautifully as a setting powder blush for MAC Glamour Feast as well as the tones of both compliment each other. My blush duo for the colder days? Sorted.

Do you have any plum or berry blusher recommendations for me? Not that I have a hoarding problem with them, not at all …

7 thoughts on “Berries and Plums

      • I’ve been wearing some of the large crayon lipsticks in the buxom and Stila! It’s weird that I’m too scared to wear red but I can rock a dark vampy color =) lol

      • Ooh, which shades!! I give you a lot of credit for that .. if I go too dark it’s just scary. :X If you like those though you might like the new Revlon Matte Balms .. I’ve already snagged three but in brighter tones (reds, corals.)

      • Oh yeah good idea! I think mattes are easier to wear. If you look on haute look Stila are having their crayons on sale! And yes I go for the crazy neon colors lol but I think you can pull it off. 😄

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