Beauty, Life & EITM – #1



I’ve been feeling a bit adventurous with my makeup routine again. Call it unemployment and an excessive amount of free time, a hefty use of unused brushes or having the ability to really screw around with colors with no worry of offense. My Instagram has been littered with photos this week of things I’ve been able to dig out of my collection and the products I’ve been using for different looks. Being able to dust off my Bare Minerals pigments or giving the good ol’ Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose a run again has been pretty refreshing and just serves as a reminder that I miss working with makeup on a daily basis. Also, shameless plug –– Instagram is probably the platform I’m the most active on if you want to give it a follow. (Hint hint: do, there’s a lot of beauty and dogs if you’re the pet type.)


Things have been a bit up-down lately what with my hunt for the “perfect job” (more on that later) and trying to figure out where I fit in in the professional world. A lot of days I find myself spacing out on the topic because, truly, I’d really like to whirl this blog into an off-beat career and part of my life full-time but things like that take development, work and some real elbow grease. I’m working on getting my groove back just in general with writing but a girl has got to pay the bills in the meantime, you know what I’m saying? But I have to admit that the power of friendship, advice and a whirl of positivity ranging from Youtube beauty vids to ABC Family’s Harry Potter Weekend (butterbeer, anyone?) has perked me up considerably.

Everything In The Middle.

With everything going on personally I’ve been debating developing a series based on things I’ve learned in my 20’s. I figure I’m not the only one dealing with trying to figure out a career, muddling through the professional world with blinders half open, attempting to figure out what you’re passionate about, tuning out the thoughts of others and non-believers and so on. What I’ve found these past four years of being a graduate is that life isn’t easy but whatever I’m going through there’s three other people who’ve been there. My hope is that it’d be able to help someone else –– so stay tuned.


Window Shopping: MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection, sweet babies. Can we talk about this for a second? There’s a few on my hit-list, most of which I can’t grab, but I may treat myself to Dreaming Dahlia in the lipstick bits. It’s right up my alley with that red-coral and will be sure to add a little joy to my late winter/spring looks. The mineralize blush in Petal Power is calling my name too. We’ll see…

Watching: In December I stumbled upon makeupTIA’s channel and aside from the fact we share the same name I have literally fallen in love. Her videos are sleek, I love how she explains things and her recent Soft Romantic Makeup tutorial is stunning.

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